Think Bigger

You started your business with a vision for a better future.
With Wisdom, you’ll make it happen. 

Business Coaching With A Financial Focus

If your business is turning over more than $500,000 per year and you want to reach $5 – $10 million over the next three years, Wisdom Consulting is here to help.

We go beyond education to offer strategic coaching that will help you achieve financial clarity and reach your goals. 

Our Vision

To help 1,000 business owners achieve >$500k profit working 44 weeks per year and max 30 hours per week.

Our Mission

To help business owners achieve freedom and fulfillment through their business success.

Our Values

Let us help you reach your version of success. 

Win: Win

We strive for mutually beneficial results in all circumstances.

Solutions Focused

The solutions to your challenges exist; we just need to find them.

Extra Mile

We take everything that little bit further.

People First

Customer and team experiences matter.


Constant and Never Ending Improvement.


We take what we do seriously but enjoy a laugh along the way.

“Success is being able to do what you want,
when you want, with whom you want, in a
manner you want.”

Matt Malouf

Managing Director & Founder of Wisdom Consulting

Our Team

Get to know the faces of Wisdom.

Matt Malouf

CEO and Head Coach/CFO

Matt launched his career at Ernst & Young after graduating from Sydney University in Accounting & Finance. He has since enjoyed a varied career working with start-up ventures, through to some of Australia’s largest companies including Rio Tinto, AMP, and Aon Hewitt, enabling Matt to teach entrepreneurs how to apply big business principles in a small business environment to fast track growth.

Vanessa Canoy

Executive Assistant

Vanessa has been with the team for over 9 years. She has gained valuable experience working online. She provides top-notch support to the team and believes that success in working online is achieved through communication, quality of work, and attention to detail that exceeds client expectations. She is a full-time mom to her children and enjoys spending time with the family, watching Netflix series, and working out with her husband.

Lim Habib

Senior Accountant

Lim is an experienced ACCA Accountant, with a firm grip on accounting software & forecasting, who holds a Master’s in Accounting from Kaplan Business School, Melbourne Australia. As the Senior Accounts Executive at Wisdom, Lim provides valuable data and analysis to clients to make their financial goals achievable. Outside of work, he likes to listen to music, spend time in the garden and kitchen, and spend quality time with family. He is also a keen swimmer, cricketer & virtual gamer.