Create A Business
With Bankable Profits

You’re one of the best at what you do.
Now make sure your hard work is rewarded. 

Professional Services business owners like accountants, lawyers, marketing experts and consultants often find themselves so snowed under with work that it feels impossible to grow or even take a ‘big picture’ look at progress and performance. 

You don’t have to be the only source of expertise in your company. With the right help and know-how, you can scale and generate the profits you know you deserve.  

Be a Professional Services Success Story

Tired of feeling stuck on the business owner hamster wheel and being unable to delegate or successfully scale your organisation? 

Your business should give you a feeling of freedom and fulfilment, not stress and uncertainty. 

If you know you could be performing better but need the right insights and accountability to get there, Wisdom Consulting is here to help. 

Coaching for Professional Services Businesses

Wisdom Consulting Group takes a strategic approach to put professional service business owners on the path to more freedom as well as bankable profits. 

With our help, you will work with more of the clients you want, build a reliable team and grow a company that can run without you. From there, you’ll be able to take control of your finances and take a step back from work to live the life you love. 

If you are ready for the following: 

At a glance understanding of your revenue, profits and overall financial performance

Clear insights about where opportunities and roadblocks lie in your business

A strategy that gives you more leads, better profits and more time

A great team that boost your business’s reputation

7-figure revenue (and more)

The option to bring on new team members or expand to new locations

A clear and easy to implement operating model

Book a consultation today. 

Choose Your Service

Wisdom Consulting offers professional services businesses the option of: 

One on One Mentoring

Business Coaching & Training

Virtual CFO services

Take your Success to
Next Level

Wisdom Consulting will put your professional services business on track to earn a minimum $750,000+ net profit a year, with you working no more than 44 weeks a year and 30 hours a week.

Emma and Brandon

“I think I enjoyed Matt’s way. Way of seeing things we don’t see. So when you’re in your business, it’s really hard to identify the issues or the concerns, you know, where you want to be. But it’s sometimes together as a couple, we couldn’t see it because we’re in it. So Matt was able. Fresh eyes, fresh perspective and also a way forward. I think that’s what I love the action side of it. There was a clear direction forward.”