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Diagnose, Prioritise
& Take Action

There is so much to think about when you’re running a business but if you don’t understand your financial performance, you can’t make the right choices.

Wisdom Consulting Group’s Fractional CFO Services will help you make data driven decisions and have a crystal-clear understanding of your financial side of your business.

Here’s the secret

Know What To Measure And When

Our approach is systemized and highly strategic so you can make decisions based on real-time information. 

The services we provide go a long way beyond basic accounting; we take a holistic approach to help you stay in control of your finances and leverage your success points for growth. 

Matt Malouf

How We Help

We follow a clear, mapped out process to keep your business on track

Get Your House
In Order

Let’s make sure your financial information is in order and confirm everything is reconciled in a timely manner.

Improve Business Optics

This is where we figure out what to measure and when, creating filters so you’re not overwhelmed with information.

Understand Your Numbers

We set up alerts and benchmarks, then monitor results so you know when to take action.

Data Collection &
Systems Audit

We make sure you’re collecting the right data and review how your business is operating across key metrics.

Build Profit, Loss AndCash Flow Forecasts

Your Fractional CFO Services will help you keep an eye on the future by examining the potential outcomes of your decisions.

Know What To Do
More or Less Of

Let’s interpret what’s going well so you can increase profits, and know what’s not working (so you can stop doing it). 

Create Goals
And Strategy

Next, we help you figure out where you want to go, and start making a plan to get there.

Establish A Real Time
KPI Dashboard

You will be able to compare budget to actuals and review other data that’s relevant to your business at any time.

Monthly Finance Meetings

We will catch up regularly to review progress and take a look at how your next moves will impact cash flow as well as growth. 

Take your success to the next level

Numbers + Strategy = Success

A Fractional CFO Service will help you chart a path to prosperity

Review your performance

1. Diagnosis

The first thing Wisdom Consulting will do as your Fractional CFO Service is take a deep dive into your data to ‘get your house in order’.

Data audit and clean

Data collection and systems audit

Goals & Strategy

“We were going backwards because weren’t following the metrics that mattered… And even though I knew some of the metrics and numbers, I didn’t know my numbers properly. After all those bad decisions the best thing we ever did was to hire Matt and his team. All of a sudden we had someone with decades of experience in business and finance come in and shine a light on the exact areas where we were missing things.“

Steve Whittaker

Dragon Roof Restoration

Make a plan

2. Prioritise Excellence

You need clear business optics so you can make decisions based on real and up to date information. 

Know what to measure and when

Track a real-time KPI dashboard

Be clear on profit, loss and cash flow forecasts

“I used to avoid looking at the numbers and always just look at the revenue. But since working with Matt and the team fleshing out what the plan is, checking in at regular intervals about what the plan is, and deciding what the key numbers were, I’ve been in a much better place of clarity. My business has grown by double. Our profitability is up past industry standard, and I couldn’t be happier with the support that I’m getting. So if you’re thinking about jumping on board, I’d give these guys a ten out of ten in terms of their service and really encourage you to give them a look. “

Ryan Spaccavento

Coffee On Cue

Implement meaningful changes

3. Take Action

Now you know what’s going on, it’s time to respond. 

Our team will keep you up to date and touch base with monthly meetings so you can continue on a positive trajectory. 

Receive alerts and track benchmarks

Know what to do more or less of

Understand the potential impact of your decisions

“It has been a pleasure taking our business journey with Matt over the last several years and having a great coach who’s there to see the angles that us as busy business owners often don’t see. We have experienced a consistent 30-50% growth every year for the past 5 years and will soon become an 8 figure revenue business. Our business is now number 1 in several categories across Australia and there will be many more to come. This couldn’t have come sooner had we not worked with Matt! Thank you for all the help, guidance and support that you have provided!”

Edric Taing

SH Jewellery


Implementation &

While financial strategies set the direction, effective execution drives tangible results. 

With Wisdom Consulting as your Fractional CFO Services, you will: 

Have a better understanding of your financial status

Know what’s going on in real time

Be held accountable for following through on your plans

Keep better track of outcomes

Understand industry benchmarks

Be alerted when there are revenue issues in your business

Grow your revenue by leveraging your strong points

Generate bankable profits

“Matthew Malouf masterfully blends
financial acumen with entrepreneurial
flair, transforming good businesses into
industry leaders in a single stride.”

Brian Tracy

Author, Speaker, Consultant

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How it all works

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