Health & Fitness

Charge Past
The Competition

Create a personal training, gym or fitness studio that
stands the test of time and gives you bankable profits. 

Health and fitness is one of the most rewarding spaces to operate in but it can be difficult to know why you have so many members or clients but no money to show for your achievements. 

Wisdom Consulting will help you get absolute clarity around your numbers and put the right strategies in place to allow your business to thrive in any market. 

Our business is owned and operated by a former fitness industry entrepreneur, which means we have unique insights into your industry. 

Be a Health & Fitness Industry Success Story

Personal trainers, gym and fitness studio owners often find themselves working endless hours to break even. 

If you know your business could be performing better but need the right insights and accountability to get there, Wisdom Consulting is here to help. 

Whether you want to remain a boutique provider or grow an empire, we can work with you to achieve your goals. 

Coaching for Health & Fitness Businesses

Wisdom Consulting Group takes a no-nonsense, action-focused approach to put health and fitness business owners on the path to bankable profits. 

With our help, you will create a steady stream of clients, build a reliable team and grow a business that can run without you. From there, you’ll be able to take control of your finances and take a step back from work to live the life you love. 

If you are ready for the following: 

At a glance understanding of your revenue, profits and overall financial performance

Clear insights about where opportunities and roadblocks lie in your business

A strategy that brings a steady stream of enquiries and leads

A great team that boost your business’s reputation

7-figure revenue (and more)

The option to expand to new locations

A clear and easy to implement operating model

Book a consultation today. 

Choose Your Service

Wisdom Consulting offers health and fitness businesses the option of: 

One on One Mentoring

Business Coaching & Training

Fractional CFO Services

Take your Success to
Next Level

Wisdom Consulting will put your professional services business on track to earn
a minimum $750,000+ net profit a year, with you working no more than 44 weeks a year and 30 hours a week.