Trade & Construction

Achieve Financial Freedom
And Get Off The Tools

Stop working endless hours and build a business that gives you the lifestyle you want.

Too many trade business owners find themselves stuck in a cycle of long hours, huge bills and one-off jobs that eat into profits. 

Wisdom Consulting Group can help you to take back control and create a business that gives you more free time as well as more money in the bank. 

Be a Trade & Construction Industry Success Story

Plumbers, builders, electricians and other Trade & Construction experts often find themselves struggling to understand where the income generated from all their hard work is actually going. 

If you have spent the last few years working in your business but are ready to step into more of a CEO role and grow to a multi 7-figure organisation, Wisdom Consulting is here to help. 

Coaching for Trade & Construction Businesses

Wisdom Consulting Group takes a no-nonsense, action-focused approach to give trade and construction business owners a strategy for more control and bankable profits. 

Our expert team will help you to understand where the ‘leaks’ are in your business, get clear on your direction and grow your team. 

If you are ready for the following:

At a glance understanding of your revenue, profits and overall financial performance

Clear insights about where opportunities and roadblocks lie in your business

A strategy that gives you profits without compromising on quality

A great team that boost your business’s reputation

7-figure revenue (and more)

The option to expand to new locations

A clear and easy to implement operating model that lets you ‘off the tools’

Book a consultation today. 

Choose Your Service

Wisdom Consulting offers trade businesses the option of: 

One on One Mentoring

Business Coaching & Training

Fractional CFO Services

Take your Success to
Next Level

Wisdom Consulting will put your professional services business on track to earn a minimum $750,000+ net profit a year, with you working no more than 44 weeks a year and 30 hours a week.

Matt and Kate

“We’ve been working with Matt for three years. Cronulla Pools has been running for five years. Prior to that, had a concreting business for another ten. So altogether 15 years in small business. What made us seek out a business coach is just understanding that people do things better than us. One of the main things is you get caught up running a business and working in the day to day of the business, rather than trying to concentrate on being a business owner and analyzing your actual business and performance. “