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Do you have a forever growing to-do list?  Do you feel like no matter what you do or how you plan you seem to get to the end of your…

Do you have a forever growing to-do list?  Do you feel like no matter what you do or how you plan you seem to get to the end of your day with more shit to do than when you started?  One of the biggest frustrations many business owners have is not getting shit done fast enough.  They are consumed with the day-to-day running of their business and putting out fires, that the important tasks that will fast track their growth keep being pushed to the bottom of the list.  This is very common, and we all feel this way at times – even me!  

It’s not through a lack of drive or ambition but quite the opposite.  Our drive and ambition to grow a successful business lead to many ideas being created with every intention of being implemented, but we lack a system for implementation that takes an idea and makes it come to life quickly and effectively.  

The system we teach our clients and I have been using for many years is called the Rapid Implementation method.  It’s a simple 4 step process:

  1. Make it up – this is the idea creation.  In order to implement with speed you need to answer the following question:
    – What is the idea?
    – What problem is it designed to solve?
    – What does success look like?
    – If we fail, what will the cost to the business be?
  2. Make a plan – you need to take the idea and break it into the back of the napkin style plan.  Here are some questions your plan should answer:
    – What is our outcome?
    – What is our deadline?
    – What are our key milestones?
    – What is our financial budget?
    – What is our time budget?
    – Who is involved?
    – What is required to make this happen? (bullet point list of to-do items to bring the plan to life). Tip – I try to make sure that I break these down into tasks that will take no longer than 60 mins to I can easily allocate time to do them.
  3. Make time – you need to take the plan and ensure time is scheduled in your calendar and all people involved do the same to ensure that time has been allocated to work on this project.  If it doesn’t make your calendar, then it will be easily forgotten and pushed to the bottom of the list.  It is important to set times for milestone check-in meetings – these meetings will ensure the plan is implemented effectively and efficiently.
  4. Make it happen – ensure you stick to your plan and show up when you have planned to.  Don’t fall into the “I’ll do it later” trap – I will just return those emails, make those calls, etc before I do the tasks I committed to.  There is always something to do – you need to prioritise the implementation of your ideas and COMMIT to your plan.  Commitment to making this happen is the key.

Now I know you might be thinking that this sounds overly simplistic – that’s because it is!  This simple process will see you get more shit done and explode the growth of your business.  So stop overthinking and go and give it a go – you will not regret it.

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