Happy 2021! Let’s get clear on your year

Happy 2021. I want to welcome you all to this year.  I really think it’s going to be an amazing year in business and in life. 2020 was such a…

Happy 2021. I want to welcome you all to this year. 

I really think it’s going to be an amazing year in business and in life. 2020 was such a turbulent year on so many levels that it’s really prepared people and business owners for this year. And I wanted to start the year by just sharing a couple of key things that I think all business owners should be doing at this time of year. 

Firstly, I know it’s probably very cliche and very coach like of me, but get clear on what your goals are for this year. I think last year with so much change happening so quickly, a lot of goal setting went out the window. You’d set a goal and then all of a sudden the environment would change and the goal was no longer relevant. So, get very, very clear on what your goals are for this year.

Secondly, is then understanding the action plan that it’s going to take to achieve those goals. 

And third is an understanding of who you need to become as a business owner, as a person, to achieve those goals. 

I think that’s really, really critical. And I think the third part is a part that’s often forgotten and missed. 

Take some time out to write down the lessons you learned from 2020 (I’m sure there were plenty!)  I know there was plenty for me, but taking some time out to reflect on last year so that you can make 2021 an amazing and prosperous year.

I want you to get clear on your learning and development for this year. One of the things that I do at the beginning of every year is I relisten and reread the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. For me, it’s a baseline platform. I’m going through that book for probably the 20, 25th time or something like that, but each time I’m hearing it through a different lens. 

It’s amazing having come off the back of last year and looking at the “success or failures” that our clients and people in the general community, or even myself have had. And then aligning with that philosophy of “think and grow rich” you see how true that philosophy is and continues to be.

On a final note, ask yourself, how am I going to live my life this year? I think too often as business owners, we get so caught up in our business that we forget to live our life. And I think that’s really critically important. 

Do you want to spend more time with friends and family? 

Do you want to get healthier? 

Do you want to make time for meditation, make time for a new hobby?

Whatever it is, make sure that you get very specific on how you’re going to live life this year. Because again, last year we were thrown into turmoil and I think life stopped being lived because the environment within which we could operate and the normal things that we would do to live life could no longer be done.

One of the things I love doing is traveling and traveling overseas. So, as part of our “live life” for this year, we’re planning a road trip with the family. That’s something we haven’t done, a big road trip, planning it out and getting the family involved. I think it will be a lot of fun and it will be a bit different for us. 

So I hope that’s been helpful. Welcome to 2021. I’m looking forward to helping and supporting and educating you.

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