How Dan Norris, Co-Founder of WP Curve, is Using Virtual Teams To Build A Million Dollar Business

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How Dan Norris, Co-Founder of WP Curve, is Using Virtual Teams To Build A Million Dollar Business

In this episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing the inspiring Dan Norris, serial entrepreneur and Co-Founder of WP Curve, on how he is building a million dollar business using virtual teams.

This episode is jam-packed full of great insights and tips from Dan on how to engage your virtual teams for maximum success.

Some of the things he touched on are:

Why doing what you love and delegating the rest is the wrong approach if you are a true entrepreneur building a scalable business.
Why ‘working with people’ and ‘managing people’ are two totally different skillsets.
Why it is crucial to have your expectations clearly laid out and documented.
How to build processes for everything so every angle of your business is systemised and your virtual team can manage it effectively.
How to build flexibility within a structure that works for your virtual team.

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Tools & resources mentioned in this episode:

Google Docs
How To Use Trello and Zapier by Dan

In this episode:

02:13 – Where it all started
08:06 – Some of the early challenges
10:18 – Dealing with different work ethics
13:25 – The importance of systems, tools and processes
13:53 – Dan’s ‘must-have’ tools
17:04 – Creating processes is NOT boring
18:35 – Train your people to use your systems, your way
21:47 – Managing your staff
23:15 – Consider the costs of growing your business
24:13 – Your biggest mistake could be saying ‘Yes’
27:29 – You should be delegating everything
29:12 – Wrapping things up

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