Opening The Kimono On How Any Entrepreneur Can Use Virtual Teams To Start Liberating Time… Successfully!

Matt Malouf is a passionate , speaker, , and entrepreneur on a mission to help entrepreneurs around the world break the shackles of mediocrity and reach new levels of personal and business success.
Barbara Turley is the Founder & CEO of The Virtual Hub, a company that specializes in recruiting, training, and managing superstar ‘Virtual Assistants’ in the social media, digital marketing, and systems automation space.

Opening The Kimono On How Any Entrepreneur Can Use Virtual Teams To Start Liberating Time… Successfully!

On this very first episode, we open the kimono on the key challenges we see people facing when it comes to how to use a virtual team.

Liberating time is really the number one reason entrepreneurs look to hire virtual assistants so they can then utilise their precious time on more high value, business growth activities.
Unfortunately, it is not as easy as people think !

Often people get tripped up very quickly and can end up getting frustrated and giving up. They throw their hands in the air and decide that outsourcing just doesn’t work for them or their type of business.

Sadly, we see these entrepreneurs and their business growth plans suffer when they try to outsource and then suffer again when they can’t get it right.

The purpose of this show is:

To educate more entrepreneurs on how to successfully implement and maximise the use of virtual teams in their businesses
To provide strategies, tactics and action steps that boost success throughout that implementation process
To talk about our own experiences and those of our clients case study style
To interview the many entrepreneurs out there that have achieved success with virtual teams both small and large – the pros and cons, do’s and dont’s.

To kick things off in this episode we dived into:

How every business across every industry can make great use of virtual teams for business growth – even when they are convinced it wont work for them !
Why thinking you are a great communicator and actually being a great communicator can be two very different things.
Why slowing down to speed up is one of the most pivotal things you can do to grow your business.
How to delegate so you gain control instead of lose control.
How to take the guess work, misses and mistakes out of your virtual experience.
Let us know in the comments below what your key take out has been from this episode or if you have something cool to add – also let us know.

Systems and tools we mention in this show:

Project Management

In this episode:

01:04 – Using virtual teams for business growth
06:42 – Being a great communicator
08:00 – Create a recurring task list
11:25 – Use a project management tool
13:10 – Create a meeting rhythm with your team
15:35 – Build rapport
18:17 – Be direct in your communications
22:06 – Working out your communication style
26:32 – Slow down to speed up
29:57 – Wrapping things up

Do you find yourself running out of time to accomplish your work? Are you spending time doing things that you’re not that good at? There are effective ways to outsource this task so you can focus on your business.

This is the Virtual Success Show. We bring the inside scoop on outsourcing success for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs and now here are your hosts, Matt Malouf and Barbara Turley.

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