The Trials And Tribulations Anfernee Chansamooth Has Faced Whilst Building a Virtual Team of Specialists

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The Trials And Tribulations Anfernee Chansamooth Has Faced Whilst Building a Virtual Team of Specialists

In this episode, special guest Anfernee Chansamooth, Chief Marketing Officer at Simple Creative Marketing, takes listeners through the challenges he faced when building a virtual team of specialists to support his rapidly growing business.

Anfernee, whose expertise lies in writing online content, takes us through his journey of assembling a team of specialists and how it’s important to not only find the right people, but also have well thought out systems and processes in place to ensure everyone is set up for success.

Some of the areas covered include:

Before you do anything else, work out what the core service is that you are delivering and then start to decode that first
Building a virtual team isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it
The importance of systems and processes as they provide the foundation to which you can then build a team around
The need for good communication tools in order to systemise the processes used for communicating with your virtual team and/or clients.

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Resources mentioned in this show:

Google Drive
Google Docs

In this episode:

02:15 – About Anfernee Chansamooth
05:13 – Getting started
06:32 – The challenges of building a virtual team
09:25 – Making sure you have the right people in your team
12:30 – A global team
14:16 – Tools for communication
15:33 – Team collaboration18:09 – Shifting your mindset
18:35 – Constantly refine your processes
21:40 – Building a Virtual Team isn’t easy…but it’s worth it
22:50 – Advice from Anfernee…
26:18 – Key takeaways…
29:11 – Wrapping things up

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